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The Policy of Qualitative and sanitarian of Tarvand saffron

Tarvand saffron Ghaen Co. Unit of sorting, packaging, and exporting saffron to performing and executing a management quality system in the lead Standard ISO 9001:2000 and system of analyses and critical Point of controlling of HACCP base on Iran's Standard with No: 4557 (printed 1377) that the Goals and Aims of Qualitative and Sanitarian are as follows:

1.Provide and supply the needs of customers with aim of increasing the rate and ratio of satisfactions.

2.Persistence and continuance of Improvement and meliorate of the affects on the entire process, and the company's Activities.

3.Garneted the health of Consumers with producing products (Saffron) coincides and Match with standard regulation and national and international standard quality and hygiene (sanitation).

4.Protect and maintain within continuing of improvement of target markets.

The Head of Management of company will support, Protect and maintain the above systems with responsibility of the all-Official procedures and standards, regularly make sure the above policy within performing the objectives and the necessity of reviewing the goals in numerous of Meetings. Expecting from all the personnel within understanding and respect the policy and bureaucracy of them surrounded by believing and faith in above policy.

Head of Management

Code of deed: T-TM-01
Edited: 00
Dated: 83/7/28 = Nov. 18, 2004

Tarvand International and National Certificates :

Hazard Analysis and Critical Point,
which HACCP is a Control System and One of the Practical Food Healths.
9001: 2000
Quality Management system.
U.S. Food Drug Administration
Registration Number:  7021681
Good Manufacturing Practices
Standard (symbol of Best Quality)
From Iran's standard Organization
Production License from Ministry of Health
Tarvand Product (saffron)
Comply with /
Conform to Standard 3632-1 and Standard 3632-2
Documents and Certifications purchaser will receive from Tarvand Saffron Co.
1. Certificate of Analysis (COA)
2. Phytosanitary Certificate
3. Certificate of Origin (COO)
4. Packing list
5. Invoice
6. Airway Bill

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