About Tarvand Saffron
Tarvand Saffron Company, a familial organization has been involved in production of saffron and barberry for generations.  Founded in the birthplace of the purple flowered saffron plant in Ghaenat in 2001 with the vision to channel the pioneership to the cutting-edge changes and developments of global markets
Our endearing parents who allocated their lifetime to production of the region’s premium saffron taught us to incorporate science, experience, and continue industry traditions to serve as devoted guardians to such tremendous heritage of our family.
Tarvand Saffron Company, with more than 2,000 farmers and 200 personnel set the ground for achievement of the following titles
  • Premium entrepreneur of South Khorasan
  • Exemplar exporter of the country for five periods
  • Exemplar high-quality unit of the country as selected by National Standard Organization for 4 periods
  • Exemplar national unit as selected by the Ministry of Agriculture
  • The unit singled out by Food Materials Supervision Department and,
  • Exemplar exporter of Khorasan Province for 15 years.

Tarvand Saffron Ghaen Company has participated in several international exhibitions including Anuga Cologne (Germany), SIAL Paris (France), International Import Expo (China), Foodex (Japan), Gulfood (Dubai), Fancy Food (USA), SIAL (China), and Hong Kong. We have played a prominent role in the introduction and export of Iran’s saffron throughout the world: Americas (US, Canada, Chile, Brasil); Europe (Germany, France, Belgium, United Kingdom, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, and Denmark); Asia (Turkey, UAE, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan, Indonesia, India, and Malaysia); Australia, and South Africa.
On the score of its technological ideations and aimed at avoidance from selling raw saffron and barberries and establishment of converting processes to increase consumption quota, control consumption dose, and elevate efficiency of effective ingredients, Tarvand Saffron Ghaen Company was granted the title of ‘Knowledge-Based Company’ by Scientific and Technological Affairs Deputy Office to the Presidency. Tarvand Saffron has presented the following knowledge-based products to national and international markets
  1. Saffron extracts
  2. Saffron chewing gums
  3. Barberry chewing gums
  4. Saffron effervescent tablets
  5. Barberry shampoos
  6. Barberry moisturizing lotions
  7. Saffron Drink
 Scientific and Economic Honors
  1. National exemplar exporter in 2006
  2. National exemplar exporter in 2009
  3. National exemplar exporter in 2010
  4. National exemplar exporter in 2011
  5. National exemplar exporter in 2013
  6. Exemplar entrepreneur of South Khorasan Province
  7. Exemplar producer of South Khorasan Province
  8. Exemplar exporter of South Khorasan Province for exceeding 15 years
  9. National premium qualitative department as elected by Iran’s Standard Institute
  10. Exemplar manufacturing unit of Ministry of Industries in 2009
  11. Exemplar unit of Food and Drugs Deputy Office in 2009
  12. National top manager of converting and complementary (horticultural) industries as elected by Minister of Agriculture, January 2019