Mission Statement

Tarvand Saffron Ghaen Company (Privately held company)

We are a manufacturer and exporter of saffron with different packaging in the processing and complementary industries of agricultural products. We believe that our company is responsible for all consumers, natural dyes and relying on the technical knowledge, we have gained in the field of basic processing of saffron production. We will try to play a role with a sustainable development approach by producing products with superior quality and quantity at a more reasonable price and providing timely and away from any harmful environmental and microbial effects.
We intend to strive for the survival of the company and its shareholders with a continuous and stable presence in the target markets. Therefore, by educating farmers and promoting scientific methods in the production and processing of saffron in the region, we try to protect the interests of farmers and rural development, crop stability in domestic and foreign markets, stabilizing the position of the product in global markets. Let's take action to promote the name of Iranian saffron and we believe that this can only be achieved through the following values:
1.Paying attention to human resources as the most important asset of the company.
2.Efforts for regional economic prosperity and rural development with conventional agriculture and effective export development based on gaining more economic value added.
3.Paying attention to the needs and wants of customers and gaining their satisfaction in global markets
4.Achieving a worthy position for effective exports and a stable market in order to promote the name of Iranian saffron
5.Pay special attention to the concepts of social marketing philosophy as one of the important missions of the company