Tarvand Saffron Extract


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What is Saffron Extract? .

A new experience of using Saffron
Saffron Extract is a product ultrasonically extracted from saffron stigmas. Tarvand Saffron used this technology to produce Saffron Extract for the first time in Iran. 
Contrary to customary ways which needs heat and long time. Both the technical knowledge and technology of extraction equipment are developed in France. This modern equipment has been installed and put into operation by Tarvand Saffron as a Knowledge Based Company.
Saffron extract is obtained from the complete extraction of effective medicinal factors of saffron, including Crocin (saffron color agent), Picrocrocin (saffron flavor agent), Safranal (saffron aroma agent) from Ghayenat saffron flower.
Saffron extract is produced for the first time by Tarvand Saffron Company.
How to use: Shake before use until the precipitate is completely dissolved. Make sure that the contents of the container are completely consumed, because saffron is a valuable plant.

The research and development team of Travand Ghaen Saffron Company, by combining local knowledge and modern technology, has succeeded in producing many saffron products, including: saffron extract, saffron gum, saffron effervescent tablets, energy-producing saffron drink.