Tarvand Saffron Extract
Tarvand Saffron is the pioneer of saffron business in Iran.
What is Extract?
Extract is a product ultrasonically extracted from saffron stigmas. Tarvand used this technology to produce Saffron Extract for the first time in Iran. Extraction takes place by phenomenon known cavitation. Cavitation causes cavities in tissue to absorb solvent and flow o combinations to solvent. Contrary to customary ways which needs heat and long time, ultrasonic waves demolish cellule walls in a shorter time without producing heat and effective materials of saffron plant is fully extracted. Both the technical knowledge and technology of extraction equipment are developed in France. This modern equipment has been installed and put into operation by Tarvand Saffron as a Knowledge Based Company.
The research and development team of Travand Ghaen Saffron Company, by combining local knowledge and modern technology, has succeeded in producing many saffron products, including: saffron gum, saffron effervescent tablets, energy-producing saffron drink, as well as pure saffron extract, which is a new experience of using saffron.
What is saffron extract?
Saffron extract is a product that is obtained with a new technology from the complete extraction of effective medicinal factors of saffron, including Crocin (saffron dye agent), Picrocrocin (saffron flavor agent), Safranal (saffron aroma agent) from Ghayenat saffron flower.
Saffron extract is produced for the first time by Tarvand Saffron Company.
How to use: Due to the naturalness and high concentration of Tarvand saffron extract, its active agents are deposited. Shake before use until the precipitate is completely dissolved. Make sure that the contents of the container are completely consumed, because saffron is a valuable plant.
What is the advantage of pure extract saffron from dry saffron?
Crocin (saffron coloring agent), Picrocrocin (saffron flavoring agent) and Safranal (saffron aroma agent) Extraordinary: Production of saffron extract by ultrasonic method All active ingredients of saffron including Crocin, picrocrocin and Safranal are extracted by dilution In this way, Crocin, Picrocrocin and Safranal will be the maximum possible amount. Saffron is absorbed faster and more in the body. In the traditional method, not all active ingredients are extracted due to incomplete wall destruction.

 Crocin is the main ingredient in creating saffron color, the main antioxidant of saffron, which has anti-cancer, anti-depressant and happy maker, anti-Alzheimer's and memory-enhancing properties, increasing sexual potency.

Picrosin, the active ingredient in saffron flavor, helps to better digest food and help lower cholesterol levels in the body.
Safranal is an effective ingredient in creating the aroma of saffron, has anti-depressant and protective properties against heart attack.

Economical: In addition to the fact that saffron extract has the maximum amount of Crocin, picrocrocin and Safranal compared to traditional extraction, the design of the packaging of Tarvand saffron extract in drops and fine grains makes the consumer have better control over the consumption of this valuable product. And use exactly the amount you need.

Quality stability: In purchasing dried saffron, due to the multiplicity of suppliers, it is not possible to have a product with the same active ingredients, which in industry changes the formulation of products in each production. Therefore, in order to achieve a fixed formula in different products, saffron extract with the same formula always solves this problem.

Easy and fast to use: Saffron extract eliminates the steps of saffron preparation and provides ready-to-use saffron with the highest quality to industries and guilds. This packaging helps to control the consumption and can be easily measured with a measuring cup placed on the glass lid.

No chemical additives: In the production process, the only substance that comes with saffron is distilled water to penetrate into the cell membrane after porosity in the cells caused by ultrasound and extract the active ingredients of saffron.

Contraindications: Do not use by pregnant women.