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We are able to cover all your needs of the packing. from 0.5 gr saffron in small glass box up to 1000 gr in hard export standard plastic box.
In order to choose the perfect packing among our several offers, first you must choose the quality, we are able to pack classes of Tarvand A, B, D, E, Then we suggest you the best packing. Also upon your interest we are able to print your logo, address and additional information in each pack.

Sample of quality control on your product

Regarding the quality we always offer to our customers to use Tarvand B or Sargol which is all red pure stigmas with colour powering over 230 UCP.
Iranian Sargol is the best saffron quality in the world.

Please select the quality which you are interested and contact us for full details and samples. We will help you to choose the best packing and we will cover all your needs at the most attractive prices and condition.

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