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Also spelled, town northeastern Iran. Ghaen is a place of great antiquity and complex history. The present town, Which lies in broad valley ,was founded in the 15th century to replace an older town, Later, the Uzbeks (a Turkic people) took possession of Ghaen and held it until Shah' Abbas I (1588-1629) expelled them. In the 18th century it fell under the control of the Afghans.
A mud wall surrounds the modern town; more affluent residential areas lie outside it. The town's chief industries produce felts and carpets. The surrounding  area consists of hill ranges of 9,000 feet (2,750 m) running northwest -southeast and sinking to the Sistan depression in the south. The region specializes in the cultivation of saffron ,supplying nearly all of Iran. The area's  principal products also include grain, vegetables, and wood .
Pop .(1986) 15,955.

Ghaen is also called the city of Saffron .Our central office is Located in Ghaen We also have several farmlands and one Experimental farmland for research and Development . Saffron from Ghaen is very Famous because its unique  Aroma and very High colour  powering .


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