Tarvand saffron, producer of pure saffron

Tarvand saffron co. with a central office and private farmlands in Ghaen. Head office in Tehran and each year we deal with almost 12 Tons saffron to different countries worldwide.

We have a very close co-operation with agricultural for improving the results of saffron cultivating in Ghaen and also our R&D department (Research and development) help farmers to use New Methods in Cultivating, Sorting and Drying the saffron.

The new Tarvand's plants is equipped with modern laboratory designed for managing the entire necessary analysis base on ISO 3632-1 standards.
All the saffron process manage in the company, start from cultivating to final export with unique packing, in order to get the best result.
We select the most professional staff, all are graduated from the best universities inner and outer country.

Each year we deal with approximately 15 Tons saffron, it may be interesting to know that this quantity we export is more than total saffron production in some other exporting countries.
We cover almost 20% of the Iran domestic consumption of saffron.
You are always welcome to contact us for any question about saffron.

Please select the Quality, which you are interested and contact us for full details and samples.
We will help you to choose the best packing and we will cover all your needs at the most attractive prices and cindition.

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