As a therapeutically plant,  saffron it is considered an excellent stomach weakness and an anti spasmodic helps digestion and appetite. It is also  relieves renal colic, reduces  stomachaches and relieves  tension. During the last years it was used as drug for  flu-like  infections,   depression,   hypatomegaly  and  as  a sedative for its essential oils. It is also considered that in small quantities  it   regulates  woman's   Menstruation,   and   helps conception.

It is a  fact that even since  antiquity, crocus was attributed to have  aphrodisiac  Properties. Many writers  along with  Greek mythology  sources associate crocus  with fertility.  Crocus in general  is an  excellent  stimulant  saffron  as an anti  cancer.

* The  search has  been done in  Japan's  university  that Crocin     of     saffron      suppresses     tumor     necrosis factor-a-induced  cell  death of neuronally  differentiated PC-12 cells.

*Life sciences 69(2001) 2887-2898