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My grand father from mother side (Mr. G. Fathi) began to cultivate Saffron about 150 years ago in the area, which is called Gibra; it is 25 kilometer away from Ghaen, which has extremely pleasant climate for cultivating saffron.  

Gibra has been well known for the best quality saffron among people, also the above area called New Kalateh, which it is written in different textbooks about Saffron.

The importance of cultivating and harvesting Saffron and other agricultural Products in scientifically method in our family became that one of our family members was the first engineer in field of Agricultural in South of Khorassan with Name of Mr. H. Fathi. Agriculture engineer, who was the first students of Tehranís University in Field of Agriculture about 105 years ago, in the first university and was instructing in different University as well.

Afterward My Parents (Mr. A. Ehtesham Mrs. S. Fathi) who loved Saffron very much followed my grand fathers efforts in this lovely field, they were the first couple that besides cultivating started their honest trading in Saffron.

In 1962, I (Mohsen Ehtesham) was born in the same area and next to my parents progressed cultivating and trading saffron, along with my continuing education that at that times the TARVAND SAFFRON CO. was Created and developed.  

In continue of our tradition in the family, and with knowledge and experience of my parents and my own education and understanding I have obtained my MBA (Master of Business Education) with the aim of my Thesis about:

Study the effect of investment in technical units of sorting, processing and packaging of Saffron, which will be in success of Iranís Saffron.

Which became one of the best dissertations, and it is publishing as a textbook now. 

By means of gathering all the above experiences as I have mentioned and believed, after several years of planning and studying, finally my wish came true.

In the 2nd November 2002 which we had the First Festival of Saffron in area of Ghaen we have Inaugurated the Unique and first Systematic Plant (Tarvand Saffron Co.) with all Modern equipments and facilities with company and present of The governor of Khorassan, the Vice President / Secretary of Ministry of Agriculture, Members of parliament, Universityís Instructors, Domestic and International Saffron Traders .

Subsequently, we have begun our operate that to be able for providing honesty services with the best quality saffron from the same area that is very popular worldwide and export globally to all over the word till all saffronís consumer with peace and cozy consumption and enjoy the Top Saffron, until this Company obtains the assurance the diligent formers and their efforts has been in right hands, and at same time we have done our prophet mission as well.

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