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about us

about us

A brief explanation of Tarvand

Tarvand saffron Ghaen Company, as a family business which has consumed its lifetime in production of
saffron and barberry for generations, was founded in birthplaceof purple flowers of saffron in Ghaenat
in 2001 in order to expand such pioneership to the cutting-edge changes and developments of global

Tarvand Strategy

The trend of saffron Qain by providing the field of interaction and appropriateness of science, technology and production and technological ideas in order to prevent the raw sale of saffron and barberry products and to create conversion processes in line with the diversification of products by increasing per capita consumption, reasonable price, control of dosage Needed and increasing the effectiveness of effective materials, it is proud to be awarded the title of “Knowledge-Based Collection” by the Vice President of Science and Technology and has introduced the following 6 key knowledge-based products to the domestic and global markets:

Saffron extract



Export to the following American countries:

America, Canada, Chile, Brazil
Australia and South Africa


Export to the following European countries:

Germany, France, Belgium, England, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Denmark


Export to the following Asian countries:

Turkey, UAE, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan, Indonesia, India, Malaysia

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