Factory address : Tarvand Saffron Co. Industrial Park,Ghaen,Iran

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Tarvand Saffron

The First Choice Of Iranian Saffron

The Primary principal processing unit for packaging and exporting saffron in beautiful saffron farms
concurrent principal processing and packaging of saffronin beautiful farms of ghaenat has presented
unrivaled quality in taste, color,and odor of Tarvand Saffron.

More than 2000 farmers along with Trund

Tarvand Zaafron Qaen agricultural production group and transformation and complementary industries with more than 2000 contract farmer members and 200 direct personnel has played a very effective role in rural development since its inception and has played a role as a development model.

Free professional advice

Free professional advice

The first principle unit of saffron processing, packing and export next to the beautiful saffron fields of Qaynat

Geographical indication and product authenticity

We, the pure children of saffron, have mixed the suffering and love left over from the past with prejudice and zeal, and we have sewn with pride from the ancient history of our ancestors, to a better and more valuable tomorrow, and we will not allow any damage to the reputation of saffron in the world.

Production of organic products

Yes… the pure children of the same noble fathers and mothers of the past days of the land of saffron Kainat, hand in hand, in honor of all the efforts of the past, with prejudice and zeal were able to register the name of saffron Kainat in WIPO LISBON on June 2018.

established year

More than two thousand farmers


Sample unit period


National exporter course

Standard seal
Standard seal

The consumer can send the original standard seal and manufacturing license to SMS number 10001517